gonick and kasser_2018_hypercapitalism

Picked this up recently at the MIT Press Bookstore in Cambridge – turns out it was just published this year! I really do appreciate the artist and writers who make comics about politics, economics, or abstract concepts that can be difficult to grasp or visualize. I hope to be able to communicate just as effectively through my design work – perhaps it’ll even manifest itself as a comic?



braiding sweetgrass

I purchased this book as a gift for myself, at the end of year 2017, from Bluestockings, a feminist bookstore in New York City. Finishing it just before my second semester of grad school, it has profoundly shaped my attitude and stance towards plants and the processes and practices of landscape architecture.




wohlleben_2015_the hidden life of trees

I got this book alongside Braiding Sweetgrass as a counterpoint. A white, male, German forester’s perspective versus an indigenous, female, Anishinaabe botanist’s.