reading list

I picked this up on the opening night of the first annual comics fest at bluestockings! It was so awesome to meet all the creative, queer, amazing folx who share such incredible stories. I’ve only read a couple of the comics in this beautiful volume, and so far, I’ve loved them! This anthology was edited by Joamette Gil, a queer, Afro-Cuban freelance cartoonist based in Portland, Oregon, and published by her independently-run comics publisher, known as Power & Magic Press, which is committed to empowering queer creators, creators of color, and “creators at the intersections.”

This is an online resource compiled by educators and game designers Eric Klopfer, Jason Haas, Scot Osterweil, and Louisa Rosenheck. It’s required reading for MIT’s Design and Development of Games for Learning course (11.127), which I’ve had the chance to take in my last semester of grad school in spring 2019

I purchased this book as a gift for myself, at the end of year 2017, from bluestockings, a feminist bookstore in New York City. Finishing it just before my second semester of grad school, it has profoundly shaped my attitude and stance towards plants and the processes and practices of landscape architecture.

I picked this up a little time after Braiding Sweetgrass and finally found the time to immerse myself in it after grad school. It’s fascinating to learn about the different kinds of mosses and what Kimmerer describes as their “gifts.” It makes me wonder what sort of gifts I can offer to the world.

Picked this up recently at the MIT Press Bookstore in Cambridge – turns out it was just published this year! I really do appreciate the artist and writers who make comics about politics, economics, or abstract concepts that can be difficult to grasp or visualize. I hope to be able to communicate just as effectively through my design work – perhaps it’ll even manifest itself as a comic?

I got this book alongside Braiding Sweetgrass as a counterpoint. A white, male, German forester’s perspective versus an indigenous, female, Anishinaabe botanist’s.