landscape games: tools for collaboratively shaping our environment

ADV 9342: Master of Landscape Architecture Thesis
advised by Craig Douglas
Spring 2019

The integration of landscape design thinking with everyday games gives people more agency in participatory design processes.

The products of this integration are what I’m calling landscape games, which incorporate the design and creation of relationships among landscape elements and values. Through the playing and replaying of games alongside iterative landscape design processes, we will be able to take at least another step up on Sherry Arnstein’s (1969) “ladder of participation.” RELATE is such a game, meant as an open-source free-to-play game, which acts a tool and platform for participation, collaborative design, learning, and relationship building.

Christin Hu & Matthew Gehm

Roxbury, Land of the Massachusett, Turtle Island

Craig Douglas, Rosalea Monacella, Belinda Tato, Neeraj Bhatia, Charles Waldheim, Seok-Min Yeo

Anna Pierce-Slive, Danielle Sommers, Liz Miranda, , Arianna Mazzeo, Ignacio Cardona, Sonja Dümpelmann, Harvard GameDevs, Game!GSD, Michael Smith Masis, Eduardo Peláez, Eric Moed, Jaline Mcpherson, Andrea Reimer, Mena Ahmed, John Wagner, Kevin Hu, Cici Hu

Colin English, Greg Ivey, Brenna Ivey, Michael Andryuk, Nicolas Oueijan, Savannah Maske Oueijan, Carson Booth, Danielle Choi, Jill Desimini, Adeeb Syed, Emily Yang, Raymond Wong, Michael Hachey, Michael Batt, Gray Bitter, Safia Singh, Evan Moore, Hugh Koschwanez, Lucy Lomas, Evan Pankey, Ena Fox, Aurora, Noah McKenna, Eric Gordon, Anthony Amato, Daniel Peterson, Max Seidman, Kin Maynard, Karen Camaso, Jeana Dunlap, Steven Handel, Michiel van Iersel, Matthew Gehm, Zhaodi Wang, Wyatt Roy, James Carrico, Amirah Ndam Njoya, Aysha Alsane, Zarria Brown, Bill Perkins, Natalie Wang, Stefano Romagnoli